Are There New Ways for Artists to Make Residual Income Online?

Are there new ways for artists to make money online? I have pondered this many times and have discovered that it is a difficult venture to pursue. When I was a young and struggling artist, I always believed that if I simply have shows, put up a website and talk about my work and inspirations on a blog, they would come and I will make money. Right?

Well, not really, we wish it would be that easy. But to build residual income online takes time. But how do you do it? Where do you start? Do I even know how to? I also had those same questions.

The truth is many artists don’t know any idea how to promote or market themselves online. But guess what? This artist does! But I learned it the hard way and it took time to really understand how the experienced online marketers do it. What I discovered was that it really isn’t that hard.

As an artist, I understand how difficult it is to establish income through the creation of art. Exhibiting in shows, creating prints, freelance commissions and even residencies are some of the common ways of establishing income.

But there are new ways of generating residual income online. And there are ways to do it! It only takes two important and fundamental terms. It is the key link for artists building residual income online.

The two fundamental ideas are quite simple to understand and those are:

1) Integration

2) Collaboration.

These are the two most important factors you need to understand in building residual income online. How does that work? As an artist, your first step is to integrate your skills and talents to the numerous online opportunities. Like blogging and owning a website. But wait; you may be asking yourself that you already have those things.

But you need to really ask yourself, is it making me residual income?

That’s where collaboration comes in; this is when you begin to work with other artists and share new ideas. Starting a new online venture can be very exciting. Especially when you work with other like-minded individuals. Artists do this all the time! Its how we get our juices flowing and how work gets done. Understanding these two important terms will help you begin realizing how you will be utilizing your current skills in affiliate marketing, online art consultation and new online business opportunities.

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Sue St. John: A Walk Into Abstracts

Sue St. John: Abstract Artist

With numerous awards and affiliations to her name, Sue St. John has made her mark in abstract art for many years. Her work  has been exhibited all across the country. Her collection of work display an interlocking array of compositional colors and patterns. Unique textures that create each piece with a wholesome meaning and uniqueness. Sue has taken her background in executing unique techniques used by many abstract professionals in an informative eBook, A Walk Into Abstracts, takes you step by step and guides you to techniques and tools for creating unique compositions and effects in different mediums. The book simply lays out full color works with their respected artist bios and description of the process. This is a great eBook to own for the beginning artist who is interested in creating abstract work. You can find out more at

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Chris Sutton and Tracey DuBois:


Author: Chris Sutton


Author : Tracy DuBois

If your the type of photographer having difficulty organizing your body of work, your not alone. Chris Sutton and Tracey DuBois, owners of  The Sentimental Playground, LLC and producers of  Treasure Your Memories video, have been helping artists organize their photos and works in a professional and orderly manner. their book Save Your Photos…And Your Sanity, covers the simplest and yet best ways to organize your collection of photos. The book contains 104 pages of insight and experience on accomplishing an organized collection within 10 days! You can purchase the their book at A dollar is donated to Camp Sunshine, a program for children with life threatening diseases.

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